Customers & Contributors Statement

All our customers are value to Visual Base Ltd and to have the support makes lifestyle and talented individuals reach goals on a huge scale.

Your money helps by going to production commissions and talent.

In thanks some of our top valued customers will receive company rewards.


On sign up customers will receive 25 points and for every $NZD spent will receive 1 point.

Points value 15 points = $1

Online purchases can also be withdrawn to a customer card which can be ordered here.

Account Funds:

Customers can pre-load there account with $NZD for use of the site and by doing so get 10% off every purchase.

Types Of Product:

  • Subscriptions – Billings every month.
  • Tickets – For events.
  • Shipped – Physical products sent via post or courier.
  • Pre Orders – Orders that can be made with the option to bill upfront or on release date.
  • In Stock – Products at hand.

Refunds/Returns & Delivery:

Refunds & Returns:

All physical shipped products can only be returned if the order is wrong and the products have no damage we will then change your order. If we cant fulfill your order due to stock we will offer you with a back order or refund.

Pre orders that have payment on release date can be canceled no later that 14 days of release date.

Events can only be refunded with cancellations 14 days before the event, any later we wont refund.

Subscriptions – will be billed monthly for some products and you get a full month, if subscription is cancelled after the billing date of the next month you will be charged for that month.